Darkyarti's Commissions

I do art!Here is my commission information!
- Guidelines gives information on what I am willing/able to draw!
- Prices gives examples and corresponding prices of commissions!
- TOS is the terms of service that I must ask you to abide by if you want to commission me!
- Contact is all of my contact information for questions or commissions!

Commission Guidelines

Do ✓ : Fanart, OCs, and light blood and/or gore,
Don't ✖ : NSFW, Mecha/Armor, and hard gore
Most restrictions are case by case and I will tell you if I am not willing, comfortable, or able to draw what you are requesting.


Here are the sites that you can contact me by:

You can pay through Venmo or Paypal! I also have a Ko-fi!

I also stream on Twitch!

Prices and Examples

Price ranges depend on complexity

Twitch Emotes - $15-30 depending on complexity
- most emotes will likely be around $15
- prices rarely go up to $30 unless I genuinely feel that it will be a long and challenging process for me

**Examples: **

Profile Pictures/Icons
- Sketch ($4 not colored, $7 colored)
- Flat Color ($5-10)
- Cell Shading ($10-15)
- with Background (+$5-10)
- additional character (+$5-10)

- Bust-Up ($1-3)
- Half-Body ($3-5)
- Full-Body ($5-10)
- with Background (+$5-15)
- additional character (+$5-10)
- You decide the sketch color!

Flat Color
- Bust-Up ($5-10)
- Half-Body ($10-15)
- Full-Body ($15-20)
- with Background (+$5-15)
- additional character (+$5-10)

Cell Shading
- Bust-Up ($10-15)
- Half-Body ($20-25)
- Full-Body ($25-35)
- with Background (+$10-20)
- additional character (+$10-15)

Terms of Service

If you intend on commissioning me, please be aware of the following terms of service that you MUST abide by:As the artist, I
- maintain the right to post commissions to my own social media for advertising purposes.
- cannot be forced to post your commission on my social media.
- maintain the right to refuse any commission.

As the customer, you
- may not reprint the commission for profit.
- may edit, crop, post, and/or use for your personal use but you must credit or link me as the artist.
- may request small changes and edits for free.
- may not request big changes or redraws for free. You must pay for them.